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All bloggers have moments when they ask themselves what they will write about next, or which one of all their stories is the best. As I have been having this dilemma, I finally decided what I will write about.

I was blessed with two friends – one in her early thirties, and the other in her late twenties. Both of them are returning students at JCC who had been out of school for eight and fourteen years respectively.

I lived in the same apartment complex with the first one. She would see me go to school the previous semester and we would exchange brief words that grew into long conversations and thereafter a friendship. She started thinking about going back to school but felt discouraged by all sorts of reasons. During the Christmas break, I encouraged her to go back to school. I told her JCC is a place for everyone. It does not matter how long you have been out of school or your age, just give it a chance. She enrolled and started this spring 2018. As of now, she thinks it is the best decision she has made in years. All offices were very helpful and offered assistance in the whole application and the transition process. She enjoys her classes and likes her professors. She tells me that the work is challenging, but she loves how encouraging the instructors are to her as a returning student and as a mother. It keeps her motivated and going.

The second one shared with me her story after we met at my work place in the Learning Center at JCC. Part of what we discussed was how she was indeed grateful for the services that the Learning Center offers. She goes there for English and math tutoring sessions. She said taking a math class after all this time out of school is a challenge, but she is glad that the college provides extra help for students to excel academically.

Such stories motivate me. I am happy that I made the best choice of attending Jamestown Community College, and choosing to be part of such an enriching environment. It is indeed my perfect fit and can be yours as well if you choose to be part of JCC’s community and learning adventure.

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Natasha Uwase

My name is Natasha Uwase, and I am from Rwanda. I am studying Computer Science and am interested in a career in coding or cyber security. I like to travel and listen to music in my free time.