Working in the Field

JCC isn’t just giving me a great education in the classroom. They have also presented me with the opportunity to do an internship this year with the athletic department. It is introducing me to sports media as well as web design and management.

I began over the summer and will continue in my work throughout the school year. My duties have already been quite varied, and I’ve gotten so much exposure to various aspects of the job! Throughout July and August, the goal was working on player bios for all of our fall sports that began right at the start of the semester. I also had to migrate content from our old web site to the new one that has just been unveiled.

JCC womens soccer

I am interning with the athletic department, and one of my duties is helping keep statistics for the fall sports.

Now that the athletic calendar is in full swing, my focus is shifting to real-time stats. I have had some problems accessing the interface on my lap top computer so far, but the eventual goal is that I will be putting in stats live throughout the course of many of our athletic events. This helps to keep track of them easier; the web site tabulates them for us automatically, so the work is a lot less than it would be with pen and paper. Of course, there will also be many more batches of player bios to do as the winter and spring seasons come around.

This has been a truly valuable experience for me. No amount of time in a classroom can give you the insight that you gain from doing hands-on work. I realized I have an appreciation for working with web sites that I had never known before. We as students tend to grow sheltered and one-track in our mind set on our future. It is so easy to get stuck in a rut and not see any way out. You may feel that there is no career suited for you; or perhaps you have found one but it just doesn’t feel quite right. These are common problems for young adults in our country.

Experiential learning is an amazing way to conquer that trend. By working in the field, we can gain valuable insight that could not come from anywhere else. Whether it is a job shadow, internship, or research project, JCC offers countless ways to get this kind of exposure. We are so lucky to be at a school with this kind of program.  I’m really excited to see where this leads me and what additional knowledge I will gain from my internship. Not to mention you meet new people and it’s just plain fun!

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Nick Hlifka

Hi, my name is Nick, and I am a freshman at JCC. I previously attended Sherman Central School where I graduated in June. I am also blind, and I plan to blog about campus life and activities from a visually impaired person's perspective. It's easy to find information on what it is like to go to college, but the entire experience changes for a person without sight! I will share my experiences in residence living, campus activities, athletic events, and anything else that goes on!