Winter Jam Rock Concert

Winter Jam Rock Concert at Jamestown Community College

Leather jackets, studded belts, combat boots, pins, patches, tattoos and long hair….do all these features remind you something? Yes! Definitely! It’s just impossible to not distinguish rock and rock-and-roll culture, because this culture has made a huge contribution to the development of the global music industry. Back in the 40s, people began to create musical works in a completely new genre for that time. Virtuoso guitar solos were mixed with sonorous drum parts, creating a kind of harmony of sound, which attracted listeners with its energy and liveliness. If you have ever listened to rock or rock-and-roll music…you’ll never forget this experience, because this musical genre always leaves a mark on the hearts of listeners.

This week, students of Jamestown Community College and the community had a splendid opportunity to plunge into a miraculous world of rock music. JCC’s Music department organized a special event, which turned an ordinary Thursday evening into a fascinating and bewitching concert!

Musicians on stage at JCC Rock Concert

Four rock ensembles gathered at the Scharmann Theatre to play their best rock covers and to create an unforgettable musical atmosphere. Devil’s Advocate, NFFC, 10,000 Didgeridoos, and special guest band The Ridiculous 6 demonstrated the highest level of mastery of musical art, playing with energy and a positive mood. They showed how knowledge of musical literacy can create and reproduce stunning musical works.

Musicians on stage at JCC Rock ConcertMusicians on stage at JCC Rock ConcertMusicians on stage at JCC Rock Concert

The concert was made possible in part by the JCC Arts, Humanities, and Health Sciences Division and JCC FSA Music. These divisions made a great contribution throughout the creation of the concert for this event to be so unique and masterful.

Mia Young, a JCC student, shared her feelings and impressions about the concert: “The rock ensemble is a professional and entertaining event that showcases JCC’s musicians. And in the case of those performing, it’s good practice for the stage.”

“The concert was professionally organized and it was a great pleasure to see that our college has so many talents, which create an Art base of campus social life.” – Anna Rodionova, student of Humanities Division, said.

The concert gave JCC students and citizens a wonderful opportunity to enjoy rock hits and to experience an unforgettable atmosphere of real rock and rock-and-roll lifestyle.

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