Whoever Said Orange Was the New Pink Was Seriously Disturbed

A few weeks ago I began following JCC on Twitter (@sunyjcc) and won two free tickets to go see the musical the JCC Uncommoners were putting on. My boyfriend and I were planning on going anyway, so this just made it easier. I turned in my vouchers for tickets for last Saturday night’s show and bought my parents a pair as well. Picking out seating wasn’t difficult; there’s not a bad seat in the whole Scharmann Theatre.

I had heard that opening weekend went really well for the cast of Legally Blonde: The Musical and that the show was great, so I was really looking forward to going. The first thing I noticed were the adorable shirts and sweatshirts that were for sale in the lobby. The prices weren’t bad either, so naturally the table was swarmed when I got there.

When I sat down for the show I looked at the cast list in the program and was shocked. I recognized a lot more people from my classes, student ambassadors, and campus in general than I thought I would. Seeing their names and knowing what a great job they had done in previous musicals had me pumped as the band began to play and the first number started.

No spoiler alerts here, but I will tell you that the musical went off without a hitch and was incredible! The first act seemed to fly by and the second was no different. The props, costumes, and set were all intricate and very professional. Had I not known any better I would have thought I was at Shea’s. Each cast member knew their lines, dance steps, and could carry a tune far better than I can. They did a phenomenal job and I advice anyone even considering going this weekend to do it. Without hesitation.

This weekend is your last chance! Get to the Scharmann Theatre either tonight, Friday, or Saturday to see the final shows of Legally Blonde: The Musical. The tickets are reasonably priced (only $8 for students) so the outing fits into even the tightest budget. Go support your fellow classmates and immerse yourself in blonde culture. You can purchase tickets, look up showtimes, and find more information at: http://campusstore.sunyjcc.edu/jamestown/SiteText.aspx?id=16297.

About the author


Hi! My name is Chelsea Tuggle and I am a sophomore at JCC as well as a second year student ambassador here. The opportunities I have had here have been endless. I have worked with science equipment that students at research universities only use as juniors and seniors. I have been offered internships in China and Spain, as well as study abroad experiences across the globe because of connections the staff here has. JCC has surpassed my expectations in every way. After I graduate in the spring with my associate’s degree in communications, I’ve decided I’m going to come back in the fall to enroll in the nursing program.