Time Really Does Fly When You Are Having Fun!

These last couple weeks have gone by really fast! I can’t believe it is almost time to go home. Classes have been great and it seems like just yesterday that we officially started to teach.

First of all, we went through our first earthquake. It was crazy! We were getting ready for work and all of a sudden our whole apartment started to shake. Most of our friends here weren’t afraid of the earthquake because they had gone through the 2008 earthquake. However, starting the next day the community was putting together wishes and collecting money for  the earthquake victims.

This last week, we had the opportunity to explore more of China. China celebrates Labor Day on May 1, so we had a couple days off. We went to Leshan which is this amazing place where they have a statue of Buddha that is 233 feet high and was created more than 1,200 years ago during the Tang dynasty. All around this huge statue are temples that have different Buddhist artifacts. Most of them you sadly can’t take pictures of but at least I got to experience them.

We also went to Mt. Emeishan which is one of the four sacred Buddhist Mountains of China. In fact it’s the largest one too, with a height of 10,170 feet. On the top of the mountain is a statue of Puxian. When we got to the top everything was misty and you couldn’t actually see the statue until you got really close. About 100 feet away from the statue, you could really only see the outline of gold. Emeishan is also known for the amount of monkeys that live there, but because it was raining we didn’t see any. I am actually okay with this though, because at least I was there and at least I got to see the other interesting things built on Emeishan.

After our trip we went to the orphanage and got to spend time with the kids. I played a game with them where you had five different rings of corn and you would throw one up and try and grab the other ones off of the table. It was actually surprisingly hard, but the kids were really good at it! I think that when I leave I will miss them the most because they really know how to enjoy life and they make me feel welcome. They are the sweetest kids that I have ever met. Don’t get me wrong I will miss all of the friends that I have met here too, but the children really have a way of making their way into your heart!

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About the author

Barbara Simon

Hi, my name is Barbara and I’m currently a sophomore at Jamestown Community College. This semester I decided to spend my time in China teaching English. My future goal is to teach and this will be a great experience!