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stacked newspapersSimply being INVOLVED in campus life is an exciting experience for any college student, but what about getting the inside scoop on all of the details? This is where JCC’s Newspaper Club steps in and becomes the go-to source for information.

The Newspaper Club is a newly established group gathering on the Jamestown Campus to fulfill club organizer Victoria Hannold’s dream of running a newspaper. With help from Isaac McQuistion, web content manager for JCC, and communications instructor and course coordinator Simone Mullinax, the club is off the ground and hopes to have an October issue of a Jamestown Community College newspaper. Still nameless, some of the paper’s future sections will cover topics such as fashion, opinions, professor interviews, breast cancer awareness and an array of campus highlights. “I’m excited just thinking about it!” Victoria expressed in one of the Wednesday club gatherings.

As for me, the secretary of the club, I’ve been researching, interviewing and snapping photos around campus to fulfill my position as a news correspondent. Being known as a contributor to the newspaper is an exciting feeling for any future journalist, including myself! We can all agree that it can be time consuming. But one must exert time and energy to achieve a certain level of accomplishment. That being said, my heart is going into this, as are the hearts of the eight or so others in the club. It doesn’t have to stop there though!

Newspapers involve photography, creative writing, journalistic writing, editors, cartoonists, and various other individual positions. The club welcomes anyone interested in attending Wednesday meetings from 12 p.m.-1 p.m. and committing to this prospective project. I look forward to the final product of this upcoming newspaper and sincerely hope the student body does as well!

About the author

Taylor Kickbush

Aspiring fashion journalist, freelance photographer, and lover of running-my name is Taylor Kickbush. Being a 19-year-old sophomore at Jamestown Community College, I find it hard to believe that my associate’s degree in communication is in sight and adulthood rests just beyond the horizon. At this point in my college career, I have discovered that JCC offers wonderful opportunities to create friendships and network with valuable career professionals from (literally) around the globe! As a prospective internship awaits my attendance in London, England this spring, I plan to trek the UK and represent JCC with all of the workplace etiquette its classes have taught me. Every day I feel one leap closer toward successfully achieving my dreams, and one day I hope you can say the same. In closing, I thank all those who read these words as I write about the everyday obstacles we all hurdle on the route to our becoming who we want to be.