Take class with Professor Zwyghuizen if you want learning to be fun

I double major in Math and Computer Science. I want to share my experience in a math class that I am taking this semester at JCC.

I am taking Calculus and Analytic Geometry 3. We meet three times a week, and if one has never taken a math class, ask math majors how much homework one can get while taking a math class. As if it is not enough, with long homework comes quizzes every week, and let’s not talk about tests and exams. I cannot count how many times I sighed and complained about  all the work that I have to do for this class.

However, for a person who loves to be challenged intellectually there is always a need to learn more, regardless of the hard work. After the hard work there is a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Professor Stephanie Zwyghuizen

Professor Stephanie Zwyghuizen

I love the challenging learning environment that Professor Stephanie Zwyghuizen creates. One common thing among math majors is: one cannot avoid office hours. It can be a hard problem or just a sign error in assignments. To be brief, in one way or another math students need assistance outside classroom. On top of Professor Zwyghuizen’s competence and master of the subject, she provides time outside classroom to assist students diligently and gives supportive feedback to her students.

As tedious, hard, and overwhelming as college can get, math class especially is worth it. If you are very ambitious and ready to work hard to achieve your dreams, JCC is the most affordable yet very competent place to make your dreams become reality.

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Natasha Uwase

My name is Natasha Uwase, and I am from Rwanda. I am studying Computer Science and am interested in a career in coding or cyber security. I like to travel and listen to music in my free time.