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Vacant house with boarded up windows

City of Jamestown vs. The Zombie Properties

Hello, everyone! I hope your summers are going well. Things at the Jamestown City Council are getting interesting. We helped build a new playground at Lillian Dickson Park just down the…

dilapidated zombie property

Act II Of My Swan Song

Hello again, everyone! I hope you all are enjoying this summer either working, taking summer classes, interning, or just enjoying a well deserved break from the world. So, in my…

James Snider headshot

Act I of My Swan Song

Hello, this is the first blog post I’ve ever written. In case you haven’t heard, I am doing a summer internship with Professor Greg Rabb, who also serves as President…

“Hidden Gems” of JCC – The Weeks Gallery

The Jamestown Campus is lucky to have a superb art resource: the Weeks Gallery. Art exhibits have been a prominent part of the Jamestown Campus since 1970, and the Weeks…


“Hidden Gems” of JCC – The Pond

As a current JCC student, I walk across the JCC Jamestown Campus almost every day to get from one class to the next, and I’m sure that most other students…

New PTK inductees

It’s all Greek to me! Phi Theta Kappa at JCC

The origin of sororities and fraternities, according to Wikipedia (the most trusted source on the web), was that they were groups that met in secrecy to discuss ideas or political…

Panoramic view of Annecy, France - Myrabell

Bonjour, le monde beau!

Hi everybody, my name’s Victoria Carvelli and I’m here in Annecy, France studying…French. I really like irony. I am originally from Jamestown, NY, and this is my first excursion out…

Dana in Spain

Introducing: Dana Filsinger

Hello everyone! My name is Dana Filsinger and I am from Jamestown. I currently have an Individual Studies Major, since I am not completely sure of my future career plans….

Why do you want to go to college?

Why Do You Want to Go to College?

At our Jamestown Campus Open House on November 18, 2012, I asked several college and high school students why they’re making the decision to go to college. These are some…

Jamestown Open House, Oct. 8

Video Recap of Our October 8 Open House

By Cody Card We held an Open House on our Jamestown Campus on October 8, 2012. Area students got a chance to hear from current JCC students, staff, and faculty…