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A Little on the Creative Side

Nestled in the Cyber Café, residents of the Hillside Suites were able to showcase their artistic abilities on December 10th at the first Hillside Art Exhibition. More than ten artists…

inflatable "finish" sign

Finally – A BREAK!

I must admit that as this semester draws closer to an end, that finish line is looking quite ravishing. Family members and friends crowd the taped-off line, cameramen struggle to get the best…

Couple dancing

North County’s Winter Fest

Hello everyone! The North County Extension Center is finally throwing their first ever dance, hosted by the Latino Club! We’re calling it Winter Fest! Everyone is welcome and IT’S FREE….

Silhouettes of three people jumping on beach

Achieving Mastery

I’ve learned that life isn’t easy, bad things come in threes, and mind over matter actually works. I’ve also learned that starting a college essay at 8 p.m. guarantees sleep deprivation,…

Two girls on the train tracks, about to step in to the great unknown.

Life Goes On

I want to share something I wrote at the beginning of this semester that goes as follows: “The world is a vast plot of land and water resting at our…

The Future road sign

The Future

People scatter across the cemented pathways; a colorful sea of ethnicity, culture and differences. Some smile as they pull on jackets and scarves to stay warm against the bitter Fall…

A group of students standing in front of a lake, arms outstretched.

Becoming Yourself

Sitting in a circle with legs crisscrossed, a class of second graders was asked what they would like to become when they grow up. Teacher: “What would you like to…

JCC group supports breast cancer cure

Saving the Tatas

This past Saturday, October 20th, 2013, Jamestown Community College hosted the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K Walk. Teams from all around the surrounding counties joined up…

3 girls survive the college risks

College Lifestyle: The Risks

College is great: there are new friends, few limits to independence, fresh people, and an exposure to a world full of possibilities. However, within the bustling excitement of a new atmosphere come…

stacked newspapers

The Press

Simply being INVOLVED in campus life is an exciting experience for any college student, but what about getting the inside scoop on all of the details? This is where JCC’s Newspaper Club steps…