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Taylor Kickbush on first and last week of school year

A Final Remark~

This blog has been anything but a burden for me throughout my first year here at Jamestown Community College. It’s been an outlet for rants, an uplifting place for optimism, a cultural…

Collage of several pictures, one of a student with galsses, two of two different groups of students, and one looking down at four peoples' shoes

Staying Active, Keeping Occupied, and Other Such Ideas

I’ve always had an intimate relationship with chaos. Since middle school I was attracted to being involved in more activities than I could bare, as well as staying occupied at…

Four Student Success Seminar students

Student Success: The Course and the Reality

As freshmen at JCC we are exposed to countless challenges and obstacles and are faced with the reality that our lives are only beginning, and that all the stuff we’ve…