Spring Break!

Hey all!

So like all students who are aspiring to greater heights in their academic careers, I have burrowed myself into a hole and refused to come out until there is hope that I can avoid the stresses of handling the outside world and the school world. However, in this reprieve, I am able to do so with the days that I have off! These days have afforded me a chance to reflect on how I view myself as a successful student. It’s given me an epiphany: one of the reasons I believe that I am a successful student is that I take breaks.

When I say “breaks,” I’m not talking about “weekend benders that allow me to just party-hardy.”

Not “20 minutes to myself before going back to hardcore work/school.”

I mean legitimate breaks that meet that middle ground where I don’t necessary completely slack off but I also do what I want to do that helps recharge my mind. I meet so many students who make it difficult on themselves by thinking that the more studying they do, the smarter they become. This can very much backfire if the studying over time becomes slowly ineffective and it essentially just becomes a student who is one with their inner blob in front of a textbook or laptop. While yes, time spent doing studying does correlate to better grades, this should be changed to ‘smart’ studying. As in, not doing cramming the night before… or spending 3 hours in one session on one subject.

I have been looking into a strategy known as “burst” studying. It’s where one takes 2 subjects that they want to study, but breaks up the time spent studying into 5-10 minute chunks. In effect, they focus their time on these subjects only and nothing else. This is also comped with a 10 minute break every 35-45 minutes. It has done wonders with my studying since it fatigues my brain less with just mindlessly reading on pages, but also allows me to get much more done over the course of the day. I dare you to try this, even if it is not school-related! Got that project due at work! Apply this. That chair need fixing but not sure how to do it! Tackle it in bursts! Got a leaky pipe that’s about to blow?

Well…I’d save that for the plumber since my skills with pipes are minimal.

Hope you guys have an awesome spring break and RELAX! We deserve it!


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