Sight-seeing in Valladolid


I had a Castles tour around the Valladolid area with a group of American high school students, and we saw Fuenceldaña, Ampudia, Montealegre, Tiedra, Villa Lonso, Urueña, and Torrelobaton. The tour was done by Heather Espeso’s husband, and it was completely in Spanish. I understood well what was being said partly due to the fact that I had taken an architecture class in France, so I was familiar with many of the architectural words in English.



I also visited many churches in Valladolid. The cathedral in Burgos, the cathedral in Segovia, the cathedral in Valladolid, La Antigua (Valladolid), and many others. The atmosphere in the churches was fantastic. You could feel the history in them, but you could also feel the holiness of the place and picture the hundreds of years of masses being said and people praying. I very much love the churches here.




My host family and I also spent a week in Santander. I got a pretty great suntan/burn, ate some fantastic paella (fresh from the sea), swam in the Cantabrian Sea, spoke lots of Spanish, had fantastic gelato, spent lots of time with my host family, saw a castle with many different weddings happening at the same time, saw some penguins, and overall had an awesome time doing “tourismo” and bonding with my host family.

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My name is Mary Martha Hinz. I am from Portville, New York. I just completed my third year as a Mathematics major at Saint Francis University in Loretto, Pennsylvania. I enjoy reading, playing sports, learning about subjects which interest me, and spending time outdoors. I am looking forward to learning more about the language and culture through immersion, something that one cannot truly experience in a classroom. I hope to be able to share my knowledge of the English language and American culture with those whom I will be teaching, and to be able to make long-lasting relationships with my host family, the teachers at the school, my fellow interns, and others that I meet throughout this experience.