Semana Santa in Spain


Hola everyone!

What an exciting Semana Santa (Easter Break) I had! From March 28-April 7 I had time off from teaching, and I really enjoyed every minute!

On Friday, March 29 I traveled by bus to Pamplona (a city in the Navarra region of Spain) and stayed overnight with some of my friends who I know from my exchange program last year. Then from March 30 to April 5, I stayed with the host family I had during my exchange in Peralta (which is about 30 minutes from Pamplona). It was so surreal being there again and seeing everyone from last year. They are all so thrilled that I have this opportunity to teach English in Valladolid and that I am having these new, incredible experiences. It turned out to be a very enjoyable and relaxing week in Peralta; I went to coffee shops with my friends, spent time with my host family, and went to nearby towns to eat.

Burgos Cathedral.

After the bittersweet goodbye to my old friends & host family, I had to take the bus back to Valladolid. It was about a 5 hour bus ride, during which we stopped in the city of Burgos for a 30 minute break. I knew that this city had a beautiful, well-known cathedral. So, naturally, I took full advantage of the time I had during the stop and went exploring. I found the cathedral near the bus stop and walked around for about 20 minutes. It was so beautiful and unlike anything I have ever seen! Although it was a very short amount of time, it turned out to be a very memorable experience for me.

Once I finally arrived back in Valladolid, I definitely felt excited and ready to return to my life here. I was very much looking forward to seeing my host family and start teaching once again. We spent the last few days of vacation talking about our week and enjoying each other’s company (and eating paella….always eating paella).

Then, Monday arrived and it was back to work! I have begun the very fun and exciting subject of Spring with my classes of younger students. We have been making little bunny and chick finger puppets in class this week, while learning many new Spring vocabulary words! For my classes with the adults, I usually prepare more specific lessons according to what they want to learn. These classes are always very nice because we can have conversations and understand each other (something a little bit more difficult to achieve with 3-9 year olds)!  The adults are always very dedicated and interested in learning, too. And because of this desire to learn, I love teaching them.

Overall, everything continues going very well here in Spain! The Easter break was a fantastic, relaxing time and I am so glad I had the opportunity to visit Peralta and Pamplona. Now I will be getting back into my daily routine of preparing and teaching all of my awesome classes!

Talk to you all soon!


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About the author


Hello everyone! My name is Dana Filsinger and I am from Jamestown. I'm currently an Individual Studies Major. I am about to embark on an incredible journey to Spain. While I am there, I will be an intern, assisting and conducting English-speaking classes. I will be living with a host family while I am there and I am looking forward to spending time with them and learning more about the Spanish culture.