Seeing my first castle

I travelled with my roommates last weekend to St. Andrews, Scotland. It is an amazing town. It has the ruins of a castle and a massive church. It took over 150 years for the church to be built. It’s a real shame that so much of it has been destroyed. I took pictures of both the castle and church, but pictures do not do them justice. I’m loving this place!

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About the author

Seth Snyder

I’m currently majoring in Fine Arts-Studio Arts and upon completion I plan to transfer to Edinboro University, where I will start working toward my bachelor’s degree in Film and Animation. I have a strong interest in drawing, cartooning, and animation. I will be studying abroad in the spring semester at the University of Dundee in Dundee, Scotland. It has been a life long dream of mine to travel to Scotland. It’s a dream which I never thought would come to fruition, but with hard work along with winning the Gilman Scholarship it has become a reality.