Searching For The Loch Ness Monster!


I spent a lovely 3 days on a tour with Heartland Travel here in Scotland. I was able to see the Highlands first hand, but more importantly I got to see Loch Ness. I always told myself if I made it to Scotland that I would go to Loch Ness and search for Nessie the Monster. I went swimming in the Loch which was about 34 degrees, so it was very cold! I searched for Nessie, but I never found her. She’s the ultimate hide n’ seek opponent!





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Seth Snyder

I’m currently majoring in Fine Arts-Studio Arts and upon completion I plan to transfer to Edinboro University, where I will start working toward my bachelor’s degree in Film and Animation. I have a strong interest in drawing, cartooning, and animation. I will be studying abroad in the spring semester at the University of Dundee in Dundee, Scotland. It has been a life long dream of mine to travel to Scotland. It’s a dream which I never thought would come to fruition, but with hard work along with winning the Gilman Scholarship it has become a reality.