Saving the Tatas

This past Saturday, October 20th, 2013, Jamestown Community College hosted the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K Walk. Teams from all around the surrounding counties joined up to help raise both awareness and money for the cause. With 30 companies, over 300 individual participants, and over 40 teams, participants were able to raise over $21,000 for the American Cancer Society!

Included in the event was the Hillside Suites team. Over the past month and a half, Residence Life worked hard to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. Through dodgeball tournaments, collection bins in each of the RA offices, a Res Life breast cancer t-shirt sale, and a few other fundraisers, the Hillside Suites team was able to donate over $1000 to the cause.

“I think that it’s awesome that we raised over $1000,” said resident Roquel Halter, “and it was a wonderful experience to see all of these people come together to help raise money and awareness for breast cancer!”

Kayla Crosby, residence director for Hillside Suites West, seconded that notion, saying, “I was very impressed by the turnout and the amount of support from residents! I’m looking forward to even more contributions next year!”

two students in pink JCC shirts

Overall, the amount of time, effort, and support that went into this program by everyone, not just the Residence Life team, was fantastic! It was great to see a wide variety of people at the event and to hear stories from some survivors of breast cancer. Luckily, the weather was beautiful and the support was overwhelming! I can’t wait to help raise support and funds for this cause and many others in the future, and I hope to see support from Residence Life for years to come!

About the author

Tyler Silagyi

I decided to attend JCC in 2011 for three reasons. Firstly, it was close to home; secondly, I received the USA Scholarship, which gave me two years free tuition; thirdly, I didn't know what I wanted to do career-wise and I knew that JCC would be a great place to figure it out. So over the past two years I worked towards, and earned, my A.S. in liberal arts & sciences: humanities. I was also inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, and became a resident assistant in the Hillside Suites West. I will be continuing my education at JCC for a third year to earn a second associate's degree in business administration with the hopes of a career in human resources. I'm still an RA in the Hillside Suites, and I look forward to once again being able to bring new and memorable experiences to residents. It is my hope that residents will see me not only as a role model, but also as someone they can come to with questions.