Residence Hall Recipes: The Basics

Welcome back everyone! I am so excited about the start of the semester! Although it’s tough getting into the routine of things there is so much to look forward to. There will be a few changes to the blog, too. We’ve got some new bloggers who will be sharing their experiences with you all and Cody and Connor are still on board.

Today is the first blog in a series that we’re starting called Residence Hall Recipes. Every week we’ll post a simple, inexpensive, and, most importantly, tasty recipe that will be easy to create at home or in your suite.

Although I don’t live in the Residence Halls here at JCC I really wish I did. Every time I give a tour I imagine myself living in that suite, decorating my little room and having family dinner with my suitemates at the kitchen table. Another thing that I like is the kitchen in every suite! Each suite is provided with a stove, sink and refrigerator. If you and your roommates pitch in for a microwave and maybe a toaster you have a kitchen worthy of creating delish homemade dishes.

This week instead of a recipe we’ve given you a basic list of ingredients to have on hand in your kitchen.

1. Peanut butter – great source of protein and can be eaten in a variety of ways. Make sure that none of your suitemates have a peanut allergy before putting in the cupboard!

2. Canned Tomatoes – can be used to make sauces and soups

3. Canned Tuna or Salmon – high in protein and omega 3

4. Cheddar cheese – great source of calcium and it’s delicious with almost anything

5. Dried herbs and spices – mixed herbs are a must have! My favorite is garlic powder.

6. Eggs – ideal protein food. If you’ve only got two eggs and a lump of cheese in the fridge you can always make a delicious omelet.

7.Pasta and Rice – cheap and tasty and can be easily reheated. Try to buy the whole grain varieties to keep you full longer.

8. Loaf of bread – make it 100% whole wheat!

9. Oats – mix with some milk and honey as a great filling meal to start the day, especially during the winter months

10. Fruit Juice – opt for the concentrated ones which are much cheaper than the fresh, chilled kind. Great way to stock up on your five a day.

11. Ramen noodles – get a mixture of flavors because you can eat them plain or use them to create other dishes! Don’t make ramen noodles a daily meal though–they contain a ton of salt!

12. Instant mashed potatoes – they complete any meal

13. Butter/margarine – I’m a fan of real, unsalted butter but often margarine is less expensive

14. Milk – don’t forget that milk has an expiration date

15. Frozen Vegetables – easy to cook and are good for you!

This list was adapted from “Fridge and Store Cupboard Essentials” at

Check back on Friday for a special Superbowl Edition of Residence Hall Recipes!

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