“Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.”

As I continue to work in the Disney College Program, I guess I’ve become a little reflective as I think about my amazing mother and how she pushed me to get to where I am now. Thanks to her, I get to experience the magic of Disney and have a clearer plan of what I want to accomplish in my life. I want to recognize my mother and thank her for pushing me to do my best. Even when I’m almost 1,000 miles away from her, she is still making sure I’m doing what I’m supposed to so that I can get to where I’m planning to go.

Ever since I started school, my mother expected nothing less from my brother and me than the best we could do. My brother and I sometimes joke about how we shouldn’t have tried so hard in the beginning of the school year, so that when we didn’t do well, it wouldn’t be such a big deal. I finally understand that she pushed us to do our best so that we would push ourselves to do our best too.

My mother also supports my future goals. I have always wanted to teach, and I knew that I belonged in the classroom. (Yes, there was that one awkward point in senior year when my back-up plan was to become a mortician, but it was a passing phase.) It wasn’t long after my kindergarten year (early, right?) that I knew I wanted to work with young children. JCC’s early childhood education degree was the perfect fit.

So here I am in Disney! I’m pushing myself to be the best I can be as I continue to earn my education degree. Recently I’ve really been focusing on organizing my time and tasks. This program is great, and I definitely encourage you to apply if you’re interested. However, know that it is a lot of work, especially when you factor in your classes outside of the program. As I’ve said before, CP stands for College Program, but it also stands for closing procedures, and I’m at work until two, three, or four in the morning. Sometimes l work for nine days straight, all eight to 10 hour days, until my next day off.

Finding time to do homework has been the hardest for me. The long hours and lack of days off aren’t so tough once you get used to them (hey, I’m at Disney!), but we’re back to improving time management: I have to finish that homework! After a late night (early morning?) of working until two or three in the morning, I just want to come home and sleep until my next shift at noon. However, I know that being able to organize my time is crucial to my success, not only in this internship, but for my graduation and future at SUNY Fredonia. So I’m ready to face this challenge!

Seriously, don’t be scared if you want to apply. I absolutely love it here! It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s pretty awesome hard work. I’m learning so much about Disney, I’m constantly pushing myself to do my best, I have my mom’s love and support, and I’m making friends from around the world.

I’m having so much fun!

PS: And, the hard work seems to be paying off! I just found out that I made the Deans’ List, and I’ve been accepted in Fredonia!

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For more information on how you can get an internship with Disney, contact Felix Muzza at FelixMuzza@mail.sunyjcc.edu or visit our Disney Internships page.

About the author

Claudia Neu

My name is Claudia Neu, and I live in Cuba, NY. I'm studying early childhood education here at Jamestown Community College, and I'm going to be an intern in the Disney College Program. I first found out about the program in high school, when my family and I went on our first Disney vacation in 2011 and I talked with one of the workers. Fast forward to my second week of the fall 2014 semester at JCC: I saw the poster to contact Felix Muzza if you were interested in an internship with Disney. It was fate! I believe everything happens for a reason. The reason for my attendance at JCC: Disney! I'm ready to delve into Disney's role in my life, as well as the role I'm about to play. I also really want to share what I do day-to-day, how I work behind the scenes for such a large company, and to just have fun. Stay tuned to learn more about all the fun and work I will be doing! Enjoy yourself and learn something new with me as we explore the most magical place on Earth: Disney!