Only One Month Left In Australia

I have been nothing but busy since I’ve been here in Australia. Taking trips, schoolwork, visiting the beach, and traveling all around the Gold Coast has been keeping me going these past two months.

In February, a group of friends and I took a trip to Byron Bay for the weekend. Byron Bay is a quaint surf town about an hour from where I live in the Gold Coast. It was so cool to see the surf culture there, and we even got the chance to learn how to surf. I plan to take another trip to Byron Bay so I can skydive there.

The week after Byron Bay was the trip for my one week intensive class, Environmental Field Analysis of Rainforest and Coastal Regions. This was held on a small remote island, North Stradbroke Island.

The class size was about 60, and we were all assigned houses for the week of the trip. The first night we arrived, our professor, Daryl, prepared a huge BBQ for the entire class, and it was nothing short of his gourmet reputation.


The trip was made up of three class days, and then one day for traveling there, and one day of traveling back. We studied the plant life, the coastal life and ghost crab burrows. All of the experiments we did were very interesting, and it was so cool to hear about all the information that our professor knew about this beautiful island. Sad to end the trip, but also eager to be back on the Gold Coast, we ended with a beautiful ferry ride back home.

My next excursion was a road trip with seven of my good friends. We rented a gold van, and named it “The Golden Bullet.” We road tripped to Brisbane, which is a city north of the Gold Coast. It was a spur of the moment kind of trip, and after staying one night in Brisbane, we decided to drive two more hours to Noosa Heads, which is a beach town north of Brisbane. We treated ourselves and stayed in the Noosa Resort, which had an amazing room with an amazing view. We had such a fun time that weekend that we all still talk about our trip in the Golden Bullet.

After the road trip it was time to hit the library for a week to finish all of the midterm assignments that I had. After that, nine friends and I decided to treat ourselves to a trip to Bali, Indonesia. It is the most amazing country with the most beautiful and cultural sights I have ever seen.

Day one, we took a tour to visit the Monkey Forest, two amazing temples, coffee tasting, the rice plantation, and to eat lunch over looking the volcano. Day two, we visited the Bali Zoo and two of my friends in the group got to ride the elephants there! We visited a temple that was right on the water, and then went to Mr. Potato Head Resort, which was a club with an infinity pool that was right on the ocean. Day three, we visited Ubud Center, which is where all of the markets are. We bargained all day long with the store owners and scored some pretty cool souvenirs.

These past two months have been the experience of a life time, and I can’t believe I only have one month left here. With only two more weeks left of school, and then two weeks of free time, I plan to make every minute count and squeeze in as much as I can into my time left here on the Gold Coast.

About the author

Lauren Tordella

Hello Everyone! My name is Lauren Tordella. I am from Ashville, New York and I attend Jamestown Community College. This spring semester, I am traveling to Gold Coast, Australia to study abroad at Bond University. I am a business major, but have interest in event planning. At Bond, I will be taking Rainforest Analysis, Australia Popular Culture and International Trade. I am very excited about these classes and cannot wait to dive into them. While I’m in Australia, I plan to do as much traveling as I can. I want to see all the most popular and beautiful places that Australia has to offer. Other than traveling, I will be spending most of my time at the pool in my apartment complex, at the beach or at the gym. Considering that I will only be here four short months, I want to make the most of every minute and can’t wait to immerse myself into the Australian culture and lifestyle.