No One Said It Would Be Easy…

Last year at this time I dreaded thinking about my high school graduation. The snow was blowing, my senior classes were dwindling to a close, and college was advancing faster than I could have ever fathomed. Sure, I was excited to throw my white cap in the air to signify the accomplishment of a milestone and the beginning of something new. But college was still a foreign idea for me at that point in my life. I had three colleges on my mind and two extremely important decisions: “What college do I want to attend and what do I want to major in?”

After months of letting these two choices brew in my mind, I finally chose JCC to prepare me for my future in the field of journalism. Since then I have thrown that white cap in the air, completed my first semester of college, and am on my way to becoming a young journalist. Life shouldn’t sound so fairytale-like, should it? Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

To be successful in life takes many things: determination, perseverance, time, and hard work. College is difficult for everyone, those who have these four key qualities and those who don’t. Everyone knows that “one person” who always gets good grades, aces tests, and can whip out answers in class without even trying. And again, everyone knows that “one person” who always falls asleep in the back of the classroom, shows up late every day and misses every class there is a test. Which category do you fall under?

No matter who you are or what your strengths are, you can become a success at JCC. Reassure yourself of your determination, assert your perseverance, devote some time, and work to the best of your ability. No one said college would be easy. Everyone said it would be a challenge.

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About the author

Taylor Kickbush

Aspiring fashion journalist, freelance photographer, and lover of running-my name is Taylor Kickbush. Being a 19-year-old sophomore at Jamestown Community College, I find it hard to believe that my associate’s degree in communication is in sight and adulthood rests just beyond the horizon. At this point in my college career, I have discovered that JCC offers wonderful opportunities to create friendships and network with valuable career professionals from (literally) around the globe! As a prospective internship awaits my attendance in London, England this spring, I plan to trek the UK and represent JCC with all of the workplace etiquette its classes have taught me. Every day I feel one leap closer toward successfully achieving my dreams, and one day I hope you can say the same. In closing, I thank all those who read these words as I write about the everyday obstacles we all hurdle on the route to our becoming who we want to be.