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Newsies opens In the Scharmann Theater November 1st at 7:30 p.m.!!!!!

You do not want to miss this incredible, high-energy, comical, and exciting show! What is Newsies you ask? Newsies is about the 1899 newspaper strike in New York City. It follows the story of fearless leader Jack Kelly, his best friend Crutchie, and their two new partners Davey and his little brother Les. After finally being fed up with Pulitzer, the CEO of The World, and his poor treatment of them, the boys decide to form a union and demand fair treatment for the work they do. Along the way, the newsies encounter aspiring journalist Katherine Plumber. Katherine is the only journalist giving these boys the time of day, and she gives them their own headline while also creating a comical and playful romance with leader Jack Kelly. However, things take a turn for the worse when the strike is blacklisted and it looks like nobody else is coming to support the boys. After a pep talk and major encouragement from Davey and Jack, the boys decide to pursue what seems like a hopeless cause. If you want to find out what happens from there, you’ll have to come check us out at one of our 8 shows!!

During these shows, you might catch a glimpse of me. You’ll have to look real close though, because in terms of a large role, I have none. But on a serious note, I play a nun in the show. Our appearance is short lived, but it’s a fun one. We make our debut in the very beginning of the show as the newsies are taking to the streets to sell papers, and we give the boys their coffee to start their day. I think one of the best parts is how the boys love to just sing our part for us. If you come check out the show, you will understand that this is DEFINITELY not written for boys and why this is so funny. Though our part is small, is does not feel unimportant. A lot of that has to do with the boys and their attitude. They include us in everything. That might be one of my favorite parts about this specific production.

The best part about Newsies for me is clear. The people. Without a doubt it is the people I get to surround myself with. I know you expect someone to say the best part is that we all love doing the exact same thing, but that’s honestly not true. We aren’t all music majors and we haven’t all been dancing since we were three. Some of us are business majors, some of us are still in high school, some of us are athletes, some of us are musicians, and we are so much more. But when we walk in here it’s all laughs, smiles, and a good time. The show is phenomenal; but, the best part is making friends on and off stage. This cast is so different than any other I’ve been a part of. We love to  hang out even if it doesn’t have anything to do with the show. They are the funniest, kindest, and LOUDEST group of people and I can never stop grinning when we are together. It also helps that for me, this is the show that made me fall in love with theater. Being on stage is so special and this show is the one that convinced me to go do it back in 5th grade. Nothing beats the feeling of stepping out into the lights.

I have always loved being on stage, whether it be singing in a choir concert, those two years of dance lessons, or in a show. But there is something that has always intrigued me more about a musical. I love the idea that for a brief minute in time you get to be someone you’re not. For a second you get to escape reality and just be. The moment when the curtain goes up on opening night is a feeling I could NEVER explain. The lights are blinding, the crowd is full, and the pit is blaring. Chills cover your arms and you just know that no matter what happens from there on out, you will always have this perfect moment.

Surprisingly, even with a high energy show, there isn’t a lot that happens back stage. However, with a crazy and outgoing cast like we have, there are bound to be plenty of jokes. We have crazy inside jokes, puns about the show, and constant reminders about how close the show is. Some of the jokes you might uncover when you come see the show and the others…well, have fun guessing and to the cast I hope these make you laugh. Our inside jokes are endless, such as: Chase has a girlfriend, above the fold, astronomy huh?, SSSHHHHHH, and three weeks people!!!  And just incase you guys forgot: chase is kewl rawr xD

If you want to see the crazy crew that came up with all these jokes, you should come check us out November 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 9th, and 10th at 7:30. Or you can also check us out Sunday, November 4th or 11th at 2 p.m. Without a doubt you should come see the show because it will be absolutely phenomenal. But you should also come support the countless hours put in by our director, choreographer, and stage crew. The dancing is intense and the entire show is high energy, and the newsies have perfected all of their crazy dance moves just for you. The whole cast has put in every ounce of our energy for the past few months to make sure this show could not be any better. In the words of Jack Kelly, “soon your friends are more like family!” So come see me and my Newsies family take the stage in this incredible show!

Written by student ambassador Samantha Elleman. Sam is a sophomore at JCC in the vocal performance program. She has always loved being on stage and would like to thank the director, stage crew, choreographer, pit, and cast for an incredible show.

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