My First Experience in America

The excitement of studying in the U.S.

There is nothing as exciting as coming to America. I love that first feeling of entering a plane. The journey from Cameroon to America was not a fun one, traveling alone and sick. Having a 4 hour layover in Brussels and almost missing my plane to NYC wasn’t that much fun either. Finally landing at John F Kennedy Airport and being welcomed by my host family gladdened my heart. I had finally stepped foot on the American soil which I studied so much about in my history class.

Worth the travel to get to Olean, NY

With the sick condition that I was in, it was hard to know we had to drive for another 7 hours before arriving in Olean, where I was going to attend high school and JCC. I only had juice on the plane, and I couldn’t bring myself to eat pretzels – they were the first American food I ever had, and I thought they tasted awful. Despite the tough travel, I was thrilled with all the flyovers, large and beautiful roads, skyscrapers, and so on. It was a beautiful experience and I couldn’t wait to start exploring and becoming accustomed with the American lifestyle and culture.

First experiences

When I first came, I had to complete two years of high school before going to college. While in high school, I got the chance to play volleyball and basketball. I became very good at basketball and it has now become my favorite sport. At the end of my two years on the team, I was given an award by the school and a plaque from the league itself. I love sports.

I love my American home

I love many things about America. I love the friendliness and hospitality. I also love some of the food, like mashed potatoes, ham, roast beef, and green bean casserole. I still do not like the brutal cold winter in New York, and I am fascinated at the fact that some parts of the U.S. like Florida never experience this cold weather. Having lived on Olean for two years already, it has become my home and I look forward to coming back in the future.

Vera sits outside on sunny day in downtown Olean, NY

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My name is Vera Ngemoh, and I am an international student at Jamestown Community College from Cameroon West Africa. I attend classes at the Cattaraugus County Campus in Olean, NY. I am currently taking pre-nursing classes in preparation for my nursing program.

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