Mussels in Brussels!

Over winter break, a great expedition took place. Six brave JCC students battled the polar vortex, flew across the ocean, and arrived alive and intact in Brussels, Belgium for the 27th annual SUNY Model European Union. This simulation puts students from around the globe into the shoes of the European Union delegates. Students discuss and debate agenda items such as Iranian relations, youth unemployment, and data protection. All of the agendas and meetings are prepared and officiated by students. Within the first 24 hours of our trip we defeated the largest polar ice storm of the past century, survived a bus driver from hell, and somehow managed to arrive at our hotel despite a complete inability to understand or communicate with our cab driver. Here are just a few quick highlights from our trip:

Manneken Pis statue in City Center

“Manneken Pis,” the famous statue in City Center. Sound it out…

View of Bruges cathedral against a blue sky

Our side trip to Bruges!

Night view of the Grand Place, City Center

The Grand Place in City Center, Brussels. Our delegation enjoyed some fresh mussels (the famous local cuisine) and fine French beverages in a restaurant nearby (Le Petite Bruxelles).

JCC delegation (6 students and 1 professor) standing together

A picture of the JCC delegation. From left to right: James Snider, Eddie Santiago, Kate Seiflein, Dr. Greg Rabb, Kelsey Tsitso, Rey Muniz III, and Jeany Melendez.

delegates confront each other on issues at hand

Negotiations heat up at the simulation as delegates grow impassioned.

A student sleeping against another student's shoulder

Some delegates got a little tired.


Rey speaks from podium

Rey (The Swedish Prime Minister) gives an impromptu speech on Corporate Income Tax.

The Swedish and Polish delegations standing together

The Swedish and Polish Delegations at the closing ceremony of SUNYMEU ’14. From left to right: Jeany Melendez, Eddie Santiago, Kathleen Dowley (program coordinator) Rey Muniz III, Kelsey Tsitso, Dr. Greg Rabb, Kate Seiflein, and James Snider (aka, Mr. Universe).

About the author

Rey Muniz III

The name is Rey. I am currently a sophomore here at JCC, and I am super involved around campus. My love for politics has persuaded me to pursue political office at the national level, while my adoration of art, music, and all things classy has led me to pursue activities on and off campus to satisfy my endless desire for further erudition in these areas. I try not to take life too seriously, though I do smoke a pipe, which detracts greatly from any sense of humor I might try to exhibit. In my blogging, I hope to discuss, demystify, make fun of, and showcase art in every medium, especially the showcases around campus. SO, bear with me, read my articles, and you might (just might) walk away with a different point of view. Ciao!