Living My Hoop Dreams

The day has finally come. All my years of hard work sheer determination are about to pay off. This dream of playing college basketball hasn’t been for nothing. I’m one 3 hour bus trip away from playing in my first college basketball game.

I’m sitting in the locker room, lacing up my shoes and putting on my Jaguars uniform. So many thoughts and emotions are running through my mind: pride at my success, a pang of longing, wishing my friends and family were here to see me. My heart beats stronger with each step I take towards the court.

I step out and see the crowd, and as soon as I do, all those thoughts and emotions go away. All I am is excited. Excited to be here, to be doing what I love, to be living my college basketball dream. It’s time to get to work, though. I settle in to the flow and rhythm of the game.

Sooner than I expect, the game is over and we’re on the bus, headed home. We lost, but we know we can’t dwell on that. All that’s left is to set our sights on the next game, fix our mistakes, and do what it takes to get the win.

About the author

Daniel Strong

Hi, my name is Daniel Strong. I'm an international student athlete from Melbourne, Australia. I'm studying physical education and sports coaching here on the Cattaraugus County Campus of Jamestown Community College. It's been an emotional roller coaster ride getting to JCC, and I can't wait to share my experiences as I balance school, basketball training, and living on my own in a completely different country.