Let’s Celebrate: International Style!

A photo montage of the International Coffee House during International Education Week.

Every November the U.S. Department of State and the Department of Education sponsor International Education Week (IEW). Over 100 countries celebrate IEW and recognize that study abroad experiences are critical to developing mutual understanding and respect for other cultures, and that it is important to gain leadership experience abroad. 21 SUNY colleges, including JCC, hosted events to encourage students to study abroad. On Monday and Tuesday morning last week, the Diverse Perspectives United Club, Campus Life, and our Coordinator of International Outreach Victoria Peterson hosted an International Coffee house event that featured coffee, tea, and desserts from all over the world. What better way to appreciate another culture than by sampling their food, right? The Student Ambassadors organization also had a basket full of international goodies that you could enter to win, and the proceeds went to our new international students scholarship.

Did you know that JCC has several international students? They hail from all over the globe; their home countries include Australia, Belgium, South Korea, and Cameroon. Is it embarrassing that I had to look up where some of those countries are!? Well let’s just say that while I may be geographically challenged, I can at least direct you towards Belgium and Cameroon, should you ever need it. Hopefully with the addition of this new scholarship, which will only be available to international students, even more international students will choose to come to JCC.

JCC also has a very well-developed study abroad program chaired by Greg Rabb. You can study in over 20 countries and receive credit for it. If you are planning to study abroad it is important to let your advisor know so you can plan your course schedule accordingly!

About the author

Kate Ewer

Hi, my name is Kate and I’m currently a sophomore student at Jamestown Community College. I work on campus answering phones at the switchboard and also help out in the President’s Office. I love to sing and have participated in choir and vocal jazz here on campus. In my free time I enjoy listening to music and spending time on my family’s farm with my goats.