Let the Journey Begin!

balcony sunrise view of Chengdu, Chinanight time balcony view of Chengdu, China

Checking Out the View

After our almost 19 hour flight packed with sprinting to terminals and dealing with baggage claims, Blake and I finally arrived in the bustling city of Chengdu. First up: our apartment and its amazing view! The balcony scene to the left (from our 21st floor apartment) was taken just after sunrise. The balcony scene to the right was taken in the prime of Chengdu city nightlife.

KTV karaoke setup

Culture Shock! What’s That?

Next: culture shock! What’s that? One would expect that after our first whole day of being in a completely different culture, Blake and I would be a little overwhelmed – sure, if overwhelmed means ready to take on the city of Chengdu with all that we’ve got! For our first night, Blake and I went out for a little KTV with some of the YMCA female staff members/friends. It was an unforgettable experience! (By the way, KTV is karaoke, except with private rooms for you and your friends. It really doesn’t matter if you can sing or not because “singing is a happy thing.”)

Panda eating bambooPanda in its habitat


I just have one word to sum up our first week in Chengdu, China: PANDAS. On behalf of the YMCA/YWCA of Chengdu, Blake and I were taken to visit the panda research center. IT. WAS. AWESOME. Words can’t do the research center justice, so I’ll just post more panda pictures. You’re welcome (: (And, yes, the panda above on the right is licking the wall.)

PandaPanda eating bamboo Panda eating bamboo

Jinli Ancient Street

After being surrounding by oaf-y yet adorable pandas, Blake and I were then taken for some sightseeing. One of the sites we visited was the Jinli Ancient Street. It was a very traditionally styled area.

Jinli Ancient StreetJCC students on Jinli Ancient Street

Week one has been nothing less than a success! Check back to see more of our amazing adventures in Chengdu, China! (Or come back for the pandas. You know you love the pandas.)

For more information on how you can get an English instruction internship in China, contact Felix Muzza at FelixMuzza@mail.sunyjcc.edu or visit ourĀ International Internships page.

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