La La La Love in Lianhua

Spreading the Love at Lianhua Community Center


On Thursday, February 12, Blake and I had our very last English class at the Lianhua Community Center. Instead of spending the day saying our “goodbyes” and ” I’ll miss you’s,” we threw a Valentine’s Day bash. We started off the morning with a quick Valentine’s Day history lesson and then taught the community members sweet Valentine’s Day phrases. Some of these phrases were “I love you,” “call me,” “you are sweet,” “happy Valentine’s Day,” “be mine,” “you are beautiful,” and ” chocolate.” (As if they already didn’t know how to say chocolate, come on.)


Call Me, Maybe?

After a fun-filled morning of Valentine’s Day lessons, we put the community members’ knowledge of Valentine’s Day to the test: we made Valentine’s Day cards! Each community member received materials to make heart shaped valentines for that special someone in the room. The only requirement was that they had to write one or more of the phrases they learned on their valentine. We then finished the day with a valentine exchange! (Don’t worry; I received my fair share of valentines!)




Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day! Keep checking back for more updates on my adventures in Chengdu, China!

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