Jayhawks Turning into Turkeys: The Turkey Trot

Jayhawk and students prepare for Turkey Trot

What’s the answer to the following mathematical equation: Thanksgiving + running? Maybe you came up with “Turkey Trot” or “Turkey Run,” and that is precisely the answer! If you aren’t familiar with the yearly Thanksgiving traditions of participating in a Turkey Trot, take a look at JCC’s very own Turkey Trot run/walk that they hosted on Wednesday, November 19. Spectators and participants alike were welcome to help themselves to free pie, cocoa, and coffee, encouraged to dress up in their favorite Thanksgiving-themed costumes, and donate to the canned food drive. Not only could you participate in some friendly competition, but you could also donate food for a cause. Nothing tastes sweeter than that for Thanksgiving!

Aside from offering free pie and a chance to donate goods, Turkey Trot race coordinators even handed out prizes for the best Thanksgiving costumes and the fastest runner and walker. Kiavanne and Juell, both JCC students, were named as the fastest walker and runner of the event and received campus store gift cards. I call that rewarding!

Sounds like fun, right? Maybe next year you’ll decide to put on your best turkey costume and join the Trot for a slight break in your studies from the end of semester grind. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving and good luck on your finals!

To further entertain and distract you from your studies, here are some pictures of JCC’s Turkey Trot event brought to you by Campus Life and Campus Activities Board:

  Fastest walker, Juell and runner, Kiavanne!

Two students with the JCC Jayhawk A male student with the JCC Jayhawk

          Students enjoying their costumes!

Two students with hats that look like pies on their headsA female student dressed in a bonnet

                     The Jayhawk joins in the fun!

The Jayhawk with his running shoes on. The JCC Jayhawk and other students at the starting line for the Turkey Trot

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