“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

As I begin this journey, I realize there is a lot to take in. This is the first time that I will be away from home for such a long time. I left for Florida with my dad and grandma on Friday, January 23, and we made it to my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Jenni’s house in North Carolina to spend the night. We spent the day with them on Saturday and left Sunday morning, and we arrived in Florida at our hotel around  6 p.m. My dad and grandma took me out to dinner and prepared me for a long day on Monday.

Monday, January 26: Check-In Day

Monday was probably the hardest day. There were several components to complete for a smooth and easy check in. I was happy to receive my work location; I will be working in Magic Kingdom on the east side: Tomorrowland! I believe I am a floater and will be wearing four different costumes. However, I do not have training until Friday. I also filled out all of my I-9, direct deposit, and housing documentation. I received my housing ID and my apartment key. I live in Chatham Square in a 1 bedroom, 3 person apartment. It’s only been a short time that I’ve spent with my new roommates, and I’m already making friends!

I also had my casting on Monday right after I checked in (keep that momentum going!). While at casting, I finished more documentation, a background check, and got my training schedule. That night, my grandma and dad took me out for dinner for the last time, making it bittersweet to say goodbye.

Tuesday, January 27: Welcome to Housing Meeting

Tuesday was a lighter day, and I only had a housing meeting at 1 p.m. At the meeting we learned more about Disney’s housing rules, similar to residence hall living. To my surprise, we are allowed to have mace or pepper spray, as long as it is 3 oz or less.

I also went out with my roommates when they came back from dinner. We went to the Universal Citywalk with three of our neighbors that live a few doors down from us. We walked the “boardwalk” and really started to get to know each other.

My side of our bedroom

My side of our bedroom

Wednesday, January 28: FREE DAY!!

Today I have a free day! I am able to catch up on homework, learn how the laundry works, and check out the club house and the beautiful area I am living in. I cannot wait to share all the fun and learning that will ensue!! As Walt Disney said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

The globe at Universal Citywalk

The globe at Universal Citywalk

Days at Disney: Three

For more information on how you can get an internship with Disney, contact Felix Muzza at FelixMuzza@mail.sunyjcc.edu or visit our Disney Internships page.

About the author

Claudia Neu

My name is Claudia Neu, and I live in Cuba, NY. I'm studying early childhood education here at Jamestown Community College, and I'm going to be an intern in the Disney College Program. I first found out about the program in high school, when my family and I went on our first Disney vacation in 2011 and I talked with one of the workers. Fast forward to my second week of the fall 2014 semester at JCC: I saw the poster to contact Felix Muzza if you were interested in an internship with Disney. It was fate! I believe everything happens for a reason. The reason for my attendance at JCC: Disney! I'm ready to delve into Disney's role in my life, as well as the role I'm about to play. I also really want to share what I do day-to-day, how I work behind the scenes for such a large company, and to just have fun. Stay tuned to learn more about all the fun and work I will be doing! Enjoy yourself and learn something new with me as we explore the most magical place on Earth: Disney!