Internship of the Week: Social Media Ambassador, JCC

Two people talking made out of social media symbols

Social media is everywhere. And by now we’ve all heard the stories about how a poor decision on what to post to social media ended up costing a person their job. But what about the other way around? What is social media can help you land a job? More companies and marketing agencies are looking for people with experience using social media in a professional setting. You could, quite literally, get paid for hanging out on Facebook or Twitter all day.

Jamestown Community College is looking for a few social media-savvy students who love JCC to be a part of its new Social Media Ambassador program! As part of the program, interns will get a chance to use social media to promote the college, cover college events, and give other students a picture of what life is like at JCC. We’re looking for people familiar with the big social media channels (you know, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the ones that even the most technophobic among us have heard of), as well as emerging platforms. We want writers, photographers, videographers, and people who just plain old love telling a good story. It’s a great experience, a fantastic line to put on your resume, and a nice way to earn some college credit, too (did we forget to mention that? Yeah, you can complete it for credit).

Interested in applying? Contact the Office of Experiential Learning at 716.338.1381 send them a message here.

Internship of the Week is a series of blog posts organized by the Office of Experiential Learning. Students looking to set up their own internships or employers looking for student-interns should contact Felix Muzza, coordinator of experiential learning. All of his contact info is listed at