Hola Primavera!

Hola everyone!

It’s finally spring!  From when I arrived here in February until about two weeks ago, the weather was cold and rainy just about every day.  Everyone had told me that it was a strange year in regards to the weather.  Usually the nice spring weather begins in March, but this year it was a bit late.  Now that it’s here, we couldn’t be happier!



Springtime in Valladolid is absolutely stunning.  The skies are so blue and there are gorgeous flowers growing everywhere.  Overall, It makes my walks from class to class much more enjoyable.  The past few weeks have been between 60-80 degrees, with sun just about everyday.  Last Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and I was in the city center with my group of friends.  We were all sitting around the city’s cathedral, talking and enjoying the warm evening.  It was the first time I had seen a sunny weekend in Valladolid!  There were people absolutely everywhere and all of the terraces were filled.  It is great to see the city so alive and happy.


Spanish Stuffed Eggs!

Spanish Stuffed Eggs!

In addition to great weather, I continue having great classes!  It’s been a  few weeks since my Easter Vacation and I definitely feel back into my teaching routine.  I have been continuing with my springtime theme in my classes with kids.  Last week I got to cook with a girl who I teach in her house.  I had her choose a recipe, write it out in English, and teach me how to make it.  It was so delicious- we made Spanish-styled stuffed eggs – yum!  Overall, my classes are wonderful.  I feel so confident as a teacher now and I am always thinking of activities and ideas for classes.  I only have about three weeks left of teaching and this is so sad to me.  I have been enjoying myself so much here and am so appreciative of this fantastic opportunity!


Talk to you all soon!


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Hello everyone! My name is Dana Filsinger and I am from Jamestown. I'm currently an Individual Studies Major. I am about to embark on an incredible journey to Spain. While I am there, I will be an intern, assisting and conducting English-speaking classes. I will be living with a host family while I am there and I am looking forward to spending time with them and learning more about the Spanish culture.