“Hidden Gems” of JCC – The College Park and Roger Tory Peterson Institute

To get to one of the most beautiful places on campus, you have to actually venture into the wilds. Well, kind of. It’s outside in the College Park. Also known as the 100 Acre Lot, the park is a beautiful place to take a walk on the nature trails, have a picnic, and just enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us.

The 100 Acre Lot

The edge of College Park as it borders the rest of campus.

Personally, the first time that I walked around the park was when I was much younger and enrolled in Kids’ College here at JCC.  I took a class called “A Walk in the Woods,” and it was a great opportunity to experience the park and all of the trails.  Now, as a college student, I was also able to explore the woods for my “Principles of Biology I” class.  One of the things we did was a tree population, which is sort of like a census for trees.  We split our lab class into smaller groups and each took a section of the lot to use as our sample.  Some of the information that we were responsible for recording was the number of trees, their species, and how large they were.  I remember it being so nice to be able to get out of the classroom to do this!

Students work on a stream bank stabilization project in College Park

Students work on a stream bank stabilization project in College Park

One of the most recent additions to the Jamestown Campus comes courtesy of our new affiliation with the Roger Tory Peterson Institute.  RTPI is a 27-acre property located adjacent to the college campus on Curtis Street.  The Institute was established in 1984 to honor and continue the work of Jamestown native and acclaimed naturalist and artist Roger Tory Peterson.  RTPI and JCC have always had a close relationship.  The Institute’s original office was located within JCC’s Hamilton Collegiate Center before moving to its current location in 1993.  Among other things, the property will be used by students in science classes, especially those enrolled in the environmental science program.  This agreement also supports the college’s plans to offer a new Associate of Arts degree in global studies on both the Jamestown and Cattaraugus County campuses.  In addition, the college plans to offer enhanced non-credit course opportunities for students and community members alike.  Be sure to visit this beautiful and somewhat hidden part of the JCC Campus!

The Roger Tory Peterson Institute Building

The Roger Tory Peterson Institute

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