“Hidden Gems” of JCC – Study Lounges

There are so many different study lounges on the Jamestown Campus!  Whatever building you’re in, there’s always a quiet place that you can go to study or read or just relax.  Several of these lounges are more than just a classroom set aside; many are in really interesting and unique locations!

1. Science Loft

The study lounge in the loft of the Science Center.

The study lounge in the loft of the Science Center.

This is one of my favorite study locations on campus.  Located on the second floor of the new Science Center, this study lounge overlooks the whole entry way of the building.  It features a large window that lets in a lot of natural light, and is just a really cool place to sit and study.  I enjoy coming to study here even when I’m not taking a science class!

2. Hultquist Study Areas

There are many different study nooks on the second floor of the Hultquist Building, which is perfect if you’re somebody who likes to change up the scenery when you’re studying.  And with a change in location comes a change in seating. From comfy chairs and couches, to study tables and not-as-comfy but still perfectly good hard backed chairs, you have plenty of choices.  As an added bonus, all of these lounges feature a lot of really interesting artwork!

3. Quiet Lounge

The Quiet Lounge

The Quiet Lounge.  Pure nirvana for the easily distracted.

The quiet lounge is located in the COCE building.  This study lounge is meant just for silent studying, so this room is always an option if you’re one of those students who work best in near complete sensory deprivation.  In addition to the required study furnishings (tables, chairs, lights), there’s also more artwork, allowing you to ponder humankind’s creative impulse when you get tired of pondering what’s an accurate standard deviation for  the data set in problem 8 of your statistics assignment.  The high ceilings and large windows give the space a really open feel.  It’s a great space for some peace and quiet!

4. The Pit

The study pit in the Hultquist Library

The Pit in the Hultquist Library, here looking far more inviting than its name might imply.

The Pit is located in the middle of Hultquist Library.  Despite the foreboding name, it’s just a really fun and comfy place to read and study.  Carpeted all around with cushions to relax on, it’s a really inviting space.  The floor even has a slight bounce to it, making the Pit more like a carnival attraction than a study area!  OK, maybe that’s exaggerating things a bit, but it’s still a nice touch and makes the space just that much better.

So those are my top picks. What are yours? Where do you go when you need to get stuff done?

About the author

Jennie Cross

Hello! My name is Jennie Cross and I am currently a sophomore at Jamestown Community College. I graduated from Jamestown High School in 2012 and now plan on graduating from JCC in December 2013. As a music major, my main instrument is flute, but I also play the violin, piccolo, and I love to sing and dance! One reason I chose JCC is because by graduating in the top 20% of my class I am able to attend tuition-free on the USA scholarship. I also love JCC because of the wonderful musicals they put on every year. As a member of the JCC Uncommoners, I had a amazing experience playing Serena in last year’s production of Legally Blonde and I am super excited to audition for this year’s show, Anything Goes. I also work on campus as a student ambassador. I love giving tours of the campus and meeting new people!