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Being a student at JCC

The joy of finally experiencing college life came when I received my acceptance letter. That meant I was officially a college student. With great excitement, I turned in all requirements in no time and was all set for school before going on vacation. I just could not wait for school to begin, but first I had to attend a couple student orientations to get myself acquainted with the whole idea of being in college.

During my new student orientation, I created my school account, got familiar with Banner and Blackboard, and registered for classes. Although I missed the deadline for the fall nursing program, I am currently taking pre-nursing courses which will enable me to get into the program. The first semester has been very challenging, especially in keeping my grades up and maintaining a positive attitude. So far, I love all my classes, I have great professors, and  I can confidently say each of them love what they do and do their best to help us get through the courses. I also love the environment.

Although the campus is not big, it provides a quiet and conducive environment for learning. The staff and administration are very friendly and always willing to help in times of need. I am currently preparing for my nursing admissions exam and hopefully my hard work pays off in May. I have struggled with science, but because I choose to study hard, one of my favorite subjects has become anatomy and physiology.

With the first semester almost over, next semester I will be taking much harder courses. However, I am choosing to stay positive because nothing is impossible.

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My name is Vera Ngemoh, and I am an international student at Jamestown Community College from Cameroon West Africa. I attend classes at the Cattaraugus County Campus in Olean, NY. I am currently taking pre-nursing classes in preparation for my nursing program.

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