Future Plans

Future Plans

December – Christmas, new year, winter, snow, and a lot of studying. In the last two months, I have seen the amount of snow that I never did before. The finals are coming soon! I have a lot of homework and projects these days. Till now, my grades are good. I have learned lots of things since I’ve been in the USA.

Next semester at JCC

After advisement and registration for the spring semester was announced, I have scheduled an appointment with my academic adviser. I have registered for classes and I will be taking 19 credits next semester, which means I will be super busy. And funny thing is, I will be taking them all in 4 days of the week. It is my choice to study only in four days of the week; I will have more free time during weekends and can engage in extracurricular activities, learn new things, and more. I’m so excited about it!

After graduation

Honestly, I haven’t decided where to transfer after graduation yet. As I am a computer science student, I have many choices. This makes it flexible to choose what I want and where I want to study. Also, JCC has contracts with many colleges and universities. I can easily transfer to schools in which JCC has a contract. When I dream, I dream big and recommend it to you too, my friend!

My main goals are to get good grades, have as much experience as possible, and of course, be happy and optimistic. After successful graduation from JCC,  I hope to transfer to one of the top 100 universities.

About this post’s author:

I’m Suleyman Eminov, a freshman student at JCC. I’m from Turkmenistan, a country in Central Asia. Here at JCC, I’m majoring in computer science. I came to the United States because it’s the best place to study computer science. I have been studying English starting from 8th grade (5 years) at the education center in my city. I hope I will get a bachelor’s (and maybe a master’s) degree in computer science and will be able to open my own technology company in the future!

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