Open House Season Begins

 Several students pose with the Jayhawk at our October 8 Explore JCC open house.

Several students pose with the Jayhawk at our October 8 Explore JCC open house.

By Kate Ewer

It’s open house season! Traditionally, I enjoy fall because it’s deer season. No, I don’t hunt, but my family does and I sure do enjoy the fruits of their labor. But now that I’m a Student Ambassador at JCC, fall has become open house season.

Last week JCC hosted its first fall open house. As a Student Ambassador, I am at every open house event—even the ones that take place during fall break. Okay, I’m a little bitter because I had to be at school at 8 o’clock. In the morning. On a Monday. When I could have been sleeping. But I digress… At open houses I always enjoy meeting with the prospective students because they come from all over and have such a variety of  career goals. Last week I met a guy who came all the way from Canada, eh!

If you missed open house last Monday, you’re in luck, because there will be another Explore JCC open house for the Jamestown Campus on November 18! If you’re considering going to our Cattaraugus County Campus, you’re in even more luck, because that one’s even closer, on November 10. I recommend you “hunt” down one of the Student Ambassadors at open house and ask us what we think of JCC. We’ll be easy to spot because of our bright green and gold striped scarves—you can’t miss us! In my opinion it just makes sense to ask a student what they think of the college. We are living what could be your future!

Again, you can register for the November 18 and November 10 Explore JCC open houses on our website at

About the author

Kate Ewer

Hi, my name is Kate and I’m currently a sophomore student at Jamestown Community College. I work on campus answering phones at the switchboard and also help out in the President’s Office. I love to sing and have participated in choir and vocal jazz here on campus. In my free time I enjoy listening to music and spending time on my family’s farm with my goats.