Enjoying Every Day

The stunning streets of Valladolid.

Hola everyone!

Well I have already been here for one month! I cannot believe how quickly the time goes by!

I definitely feel like I am becoming accustomed to my weekly routine. Every day I have at least two classes that I teach and I am constantly running around from place to place. I love it! Each day I feel more confident with the work I am doing and I finally don’t get nervous before teaching a class.

During the week when I do not have a class to teach I’m usually making preparations for classes, spending time with my host family, or exploring! Sometimes I have an hour or so to kill between classes, and I love exploring the city during this time. Valladolid is a gorgeous, historical area, filled with old churches and buildings. There are also many unique bars and coffee shops. I usually visit these locations when I have free time! Next weekend I will be going to visit my host brother, who lives in Madrid, and will get a tour of the city! Last year I visited Madrid, but it was only a little bit of the city. Hopefully this time I get to experience more of it!


On my weekends I usually go out with my host sister and her friends to the bars or out to eat. It is sooo much fun!  Spanish people are so welcoming and kind! On Sundays my family and I stay in, enjoy each others’ company, anndd eat…a lot. Last Sunday my host mom made a paella and it was delicious. Definitely an enjoyable day ;).

I also wanted to mention that Heather Espeso (Owner and Directer at United Cultures S.L.), brings a group of Spanish kids (ages 11-18 years old) to the Jamestown/Warren area every summer and is looking for any families willing to host a Spanish student for the month of July. It’s a fantastic experience and a great group of kids going this year! If you are interested let me know in the comments section so I can get you in contact with Heather! Thanks!

Talk to you all soon!


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About the author


Hello everyone! My name is Dana Filsinger and I am from Jamestown. I'm currently an Individual Studies Major. I am about to embark on an incredible journey to Spain. While I am there, I will be an intern, assisting and conducting English-speaking classes. I will be living with a host family while I am there and I am looking forward to spending time with them and learning more about the Spanish culture.