End of Year Carnival!

The semester is winding down with less than two weeks to graduation, stress is mounting as finals come around the corner, and meal plan dollars are running pretty darn low. What’s a college student (or staff/faculty member) at JCC to do?

Clearly, GO TO THE END OF YEAR CARNIVAL! Campus Life and the Campus Activities Board put on an absolutely fabulous carnival for the JCC community. If you missed it, I’m sorry. Was there food? Was there entertainment? Was it FREE? Seriously, weren’t you paying attention at all?

3 cartons of food

You may have missed this.

Yes, there was food. And by food, I mean FRIED, CHEESY, SUGARY CARNIVAL FOOD. Between the cheesy nachos, fried dough, onion rings, ice cream, and hot dogs, you could squeeze in cotton candy, popcorn, french fries, peanuts, and chocolate covered bananas. And I did.

Yes, there was entertainment. Round 1: FUN ART! Trist’n’Shout made fantastic balloon creations of all shapes, sizes, and themes, while Chris Schroeder created great caricatures for students.

Round 2: MUSIC! Primetime DJ played upbeat popular tunes (kudos to you Cupid Shufflers) near the carnival’s entrance. Jamestown Thunder set up a great drum circle and invited the community to play with them! It’s too bad the jousters didn’t have their heavy beats as an epic backdrop to their sparring.

Which brings us to…Round 3: GAMES! Whether you wanted to beat someone with inflatable joust poles, zing darts at balloons, or test your accuracy with tossing rings and things, the opportunity was there!

Round 4: DUNK TANK! Yes. This happened. The dunk tank was the ONLY event that cost money, as a fundraiser. Student Senate President Rey Muniz, Residence Hall Director Kayla Crosby, and Professor Greg Rabb were great sports about repeatedly plunging into a tank of cold water on a cloudy day.And last but not least, Round 5: SAFETY! Because, dear readers, nobody willingly pursues a premature death. The Jamestown Police Department brought a rollover simulator to show what can happen if your car rolls over (with you inside) and you’re not wearing a seat belt! Hint: you don’t necessarily stay inside for long. AT&T promoted commitment to not texting and driving.

To Campus Life, Campus Activities Board, Lessings, Trist’n’Shout, Eventz by Scott, all of the lovely volunteers, and the JCC community: a huge, HUGE thanks for making this day a success! The great attendance was proof of your time, dedication, and hard work.