Current Bloggers

Corinne Edwards

Hometown: Jamestown, NY
Major: Physical Education Studies
Campus: Jamestown

Corinne EdwardsHey guys! My name is Corinne Edwards. I live in Jamestown, New York and attend Jamestown Community College. I am an Athletic Training major and this summer I have the opportunity to travel to Wexford, Ireland to intern in a Sports Medicine Clinic for a month. While in Ireland I will be working side by side with athletes while they perform in sports I have never watched before. I cannot wait to learn new training programs and techniques that I can use in my profession. I love to explore and learn new things, so  I cannot wait to see the beautiful scenery and make memories I’ll remember forever. I plan to make the most of this experience and share it with you all!

Obehi Ejele

Hometown: London, England
Major: Media Arts
Campus: Jamestown


My name is a weird one, isn’t it? If you haven’t noticed already, it’s Obehi Ejele, and if you haven’t struggled to pronounce it already, it’s simply said as ‘Oh-Bee’.

I was born and raised in the east of London in the United Kingdom by my two wonderfully supportive Nigerian parents, so in hindsight I’m a strictly British kid mixed with a Nigerian upbringing. I was raised in a household full of boys, with my mum being the only woman in the house. Growing up, along with my older brother and younger cousin, I took a keen interest in basketball and somewhere alongside that I also picked up art as a hobby. So in reality that’s more or less exactly why I’m here, to play basketball under Coach Sisson and major in Media Arts. However, upon arriving at Jamestown Community College solely for these two reasons, I realized that this place is so much more than just that in a positive light which I’ll expand on more thoroughly in further blog posts.

So simply put, I’m an athlete from London who enjoys art and everything else a man of my age would love, such as music, food, family and friends to say the least. My mother is a pastor, I’m a Christian and I love God, my family is huge, and I adore London more than any other place I could think of.  But whilst writing this, quite frankly, American customs and culture have always been a bit strange to me, but I’m willing to learn and understand throughout my journey here. I plan to blog about pretty much anything and everything I see here, so if you want to experience the wonders and heights of Jamestown Community College and Jamestown itself vicariously through the unfamiliar eyes of Londoner, look no further, I’m your guy.

Linda Larson

Hometown: West Clarksville, NY

I’m Linda Larson, and my home is in West Clarksville, a small rural town in New York.  My husband and I have four adult children and one adorable granddaughter.  It’s been a long time since I went off on an adventure, so when I learned about the Global Studies Internship in Valladolid, Spain, I enthusiastically applied and was thrilled to be chosen for this amazing opportunity.  History, literature, art and international cuisine are all among my interests, so I can’t imagine a more inspiring place to live and work than Spain!


Olivia Pucciarelli

Hometown: Fredonia, NY
Major: Individual Studies
Campus: Jamestown

Olivia PucciarelliKonnichiwa! I am Olivia Pucciarelli from Fredonia, NY and I am currently in my fifth semester at JCC. After much thoughtful consideration, I am still unable to decide on a specific major, which is why I took the year to be involved in internships abroad. Currently, I am finishing work on an individual studies degree in Japan and Spain, and I plan on transferring to Brooklyn College in August of 2018. My hobbies include reading and relaxing in parks, skateboarding, drinking copious amounts of any type of tea I can get my hands on, spending time with my friends, and attending concerts. Hopefully my adventures will peak the interest of others and inspire other people to find their path in life through travel and exploration.