College Lifestyle: The Risks

College is great: there are new friends, few limits to independence, fresh people, and an exposure to a world full of possibilities. However, within the bustling excitement of a new atmosphere come risks. Peer pressure, stress, and sleep deprivation…to name only a few.

Peer Pressure (noun)
Influence from members of one’s peer group.* Sometimes it’s hard to say that one simple, two-lettered word, “no.” If something makes you feel uncomfortable, it seems like common sense to simply refrain from doing or participating in that activity. However, it is the judgment of friends that makes saying “no” so difficult.

My Advice (fact): stick to your morals. If you take part in something that makes you feel uncomfortable, chances are you’re going to regret it. Pick and choose true friends that accept you for who you are.

Stress (noun)
A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.*
College isn’t all about stress, but there are times when it may feel that way. It seems almost impossible to enjoy life between homework, a job [or two], relationships, studying, exercising, and participating in clubs and sports.

My Advice (fact): make time in-between study sessions or homework to enjoy some music, go for a run or do something you love. Your body can only concentrate fully for 20-30 minutes at a time. If you mix work with play, you’ll be less stressed and more focused on your goals.

Sleep Deprivation (noun)
Obtaining an inadequate amount of total sleep time.* Lack of rest leads your body to become stressed, unfocused and depressed. Sleep is meant to relax the mind and rejuvenate the body.

My Advice (fact): set a limit. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to receive an appropriate amount of rest due to last minute studying, homework, etc. However, it is extremely important to use sleep as a time for a relaxed state of consciousness. Set a nightly time limit as to when you should go to bed, and try to follow that plan as best as you can. Knowing that you have a limit helps your mind look forward to the rest it will receive.

Someone has most likely warned you to be aware of peer pressure, stress, and sleep deprivation when entering college. It’s a different story, though, when you finally experience it for yourself. I can testify to that, as I never expected myself to live through such severe cases of any three of these. Yet, I have dealt with them all.

Therefore I give you my final bit of advice (fact): adaptation is the key to surviving the new, fresh, and exciting ways of the dog-eat-dog college lifestyle. If one can adapt to change and understand collegiate risks, then fun rests just over the horizon.

These three ladies have gotten past the risks of being students:
3 girls surviving the college risks

*The definitions previously mentioned in this post are credible to


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Aspiring fashion journalist, freelance photographer, and lover of running-my name is Taylor Kickbush. Being a 19-year-old sophomore at Jamestown Community College, I find it hard to believe that my associate’s degree in communication is in sight and adulthood rests just beyond the horizon. At this point in my college career, I have discovered that JCC offers wonderful opportunities to create friendships and network with valuable career professionals from (literally) around the globe! As a prospective internship awaits my attendance in London, England this spring, I plan to trek the UK and represent JCC with all of the workplace etiquette its classes have taught me. Every day I feel one leap closer toward successfully achieving my dreams, and one day I hope you can say the same. In closing, I thank all those who read these words as I write about the everyday obstacles we all hurdle on the route to our becoming who we want to be.