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Close to Home at Jamestown Community College

In all honesty, when I first began contemplating on colleges to attend, I did not expect to go to a community college in Olean, NY. The reason for that is because I had always imagined myself moving to a warmer state after high school, or if not a warmer state, then a bigger city. I have been living in Olean with my father and sister for almost ten years now. Although I had made friendships and memories in town, I simply wanted change. I have always been the type of person who likes to move around and embrace new environments. Long story short, I ended up not moving away and instead decided to stay in Olean for one more year at least at Jamestown Community College.

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The Cattaraugus County Campus is not only close to my house, but it is surrounded by restaurants and cafes, which are nice to go to in between classes. I also like the fact that the college isn’t too big. To me this is an advantage because it motivates me to be active in class participation. I also feel that I have more opportunities to interact with my professors, which is always beneficial. I still, in fact, remember receiving my acceptance letter. JCC was my first college acceptance, so I felt like it was a sign that I was meant to attend the college. Such an event brought great joy to my heart. To me, this piece of paper signified the beginning of  a new chapter in my life.

friends stand together in the cafeteria on the Cattaraugus County Campus

I strongly believe that deciding to attend Jamestown Community College was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in my entire life. This not only allowed my family and me to save up on money, but it also allowed me to stay close to them. Here at the Cattaraugus County Campus, living on campus isn’t an option so I do live off campus at home with my family. Campus life on the Cattaraugus County Campus has an immense sense of belonging and numerous opportunities to connect with the other students due to the college’s strong sense of community.

students participate in student union on the Cattaraugus County Campus

So far, Jamestown Community College has provided me with numerous resources and opportunities to help me gain valuable work experience. I am completing a social media marketing Internship with help from the school’s Career Services. Every week I get assigned specific tasks which vary from posting on JCC’s Instagram or Facebook account, to attending campus events and capturing the moments through the lens of my cell phone, and even interviewing some of the students and staff. My favorite of these tasks is that of taking pictures at the campus events. I simply find joy in capturing unforgettable moments and have always had a passion for capturing aesthetic images.

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Hi! I’m Hope Ayoh, a student from the Cattaraugus County Campus at JCC. I am originally form the Ivory Coast but have lived in Olean for 10 years! I love taking photos and meeting new people. Feel free to say hi if you see me around!

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