Chengdu: The Real City That Never Sleeps

Sleep? What’s that?

The Chengdu skyline

This past week has been a busy one with all the hustle and bustle surrounding the ongoing Spring Festival festivities and the highly anticipated Chinese New Year! To contribute to all the fun-filled madness, the staff ladies from the YMCA/YWCA of Chengdu headed over to our lovely friend Little’s apartment. There we had a mini celebration together before the staff members go their separate ways to bring in the new year with their family and hometown friends. Here are some literally (and I mean literally) breathtaking views of the city from Little’s very own apartment balcony.

Chengdu skyline Chengdu skyline Chengdu skylineChengdu skyline

After spending an extended period of time just staring off from the balcony (guilty as charged), we enjoyed a delicious homemade, family-style meal prepared by Little’s equally-as-lovely mother.

Little and several members of the YMCA staff

The New Year doesn’t stop there…

This past week the YMCA/YWCA held SO Day. SO stands for social organizations, and SO Day is a day full of games, communication, and meeting other members of different social organizations. We played games like Ninja, Murderer, and a blindfolded follow-the-leader puzzle game. Try saying that five times fast! These are all great titles, aren’t they?

Hannah, Blake, and several other staff memberstrays of sweets

Woman in front of a projection that says "2015-Superb Day"Hannah holding a heart cutout over her mouth and another worker at the YMCA/YWCA

Hannah, Blake, Little, and several other people in a group selfie Hannah, Blake, Little, and several other people in a group selfie

Or stop there…

On top of having SO Day, the YMCA/YWCA of Chengdu also hosted a day full of events and prizes for the Lianhua Community Center (and, of course, to give us another reason to get together and celebrate the Chinese New Year!). Each citizen of the community center received a sheet of paper with a blank block for each of the nine games set up. If they successfully completed a game, they got a stamp. Each participant had 2 hours to complete as many games as possible in order to receive a prize.

two boards with banners on them female Chinese students playing a card game group of studentsHannah, Little, and two other students in a selfieAnother group selfie pictureHannah and a Chinese girl

Okay, this last picture is mostly me bragging about being able to pick up marbles with chopsticks.

pair of chopsticks holding a marble

 …And it doesn’t stop here!

(Well, technically the blog stops, but only for a pause!)

Anywho, with all that’s going on in Chengdu right now, who would WANT to sleep? The city is most definitely alive and full of that New Year’s spirit. Check back for what Chengdu is like during the ACTUAL week of the Chinese New Year!

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