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Students at Jamestown Community College have some truly unique opportunities to study abroad. Through our partnership with the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS), JCC students can take part in study abroad programs in dozens of different countries. We’ve also partnered with institutions in China and Spain where our students have the opportunity to intern as English instructors. Read about some of the experiences of our students!


Hello! Well, I have officially been in Valladolid, Spain for one week! So much has happened already and it has left me super excited for the next three months. When…

Panoramic view of Annecy, France - Myrabell

Bonjour, le monde beau!

Hi everybody, my name’s Victoria Carvelli and I’m here in Annecy, France studying…French. I really like irony. I am originally from Jamestown, NY, and this is my first excursion out…

Dana in Spain

Introducing: Dana Filsinger

Hello everyone! My name is Dana Filsinger and I am from Jamestown. I currently have an Individual Studies Major, since I am not completely sure of my future career plans….

IEW bookmark

Let’s Celebrate: International Style!

Every November the U.S. Department of State and the Department of Education sponsor International Education Week (IEW). Over 100 countries celebrate IEW and recognize that study abroad experiences are critical…