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Students at Jamestown Community College have some truly unique opportunities to study abroad. Through our partnership with the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS), JCC students can take part in study abroad programs in dozens of different countries. We’ve also partnered with institutions in China and Spain where our students have the opportunity to intern as English instructors. Read about some of the experiences of our students!


Two Months in One Post

Hello, it’s been awhile since I made my last post now. It seems like every time that I blink my eyes another month has passed. I’ve made lots of amazing…


Scottish Cuisine

I haven’t had a chance to talk much about the Scottish cuisine here in Scotland. I’ve had various meals, from a Scottish breakfast to deep fried mini haggis for dinner….


Manual Labour

Hello everyone again. I apologize for such a long time since my last post. The days have been zooming by since settling back in from spring break and transitioning from…

London skyline

The Best Things in Life/London are Free

Well, it is officially spring break for the Foundation for International Education in London, which also means that the semester is now half over. To say that the semester is…


Busy Bee in Valladolid

Keeping myself busy is what I do best and my schedule here is definitely keeping me on my feet! Since I have a type A personality, I enjoy being a…


The month that got away

Well, since I last wrote I had gotten the flu. After I got over that illness, in my weakened state I had contracted an infection in my left lung. So,…


The Best of Barcelona and more!

Love at first sight must be real because I fell in love with Barcelona the first day I got there. I went to Barcelona with the intention to see my…

London pub

Do You Fancy a Pint?

When you think about the iconic parts of London that define the city, Big Ben, the London Eye, and the red double decker buses are usually among the first that…

View of Venice and canal

Ciao from Venice, Italy

Hello! Today marks two weeks that I’ve been in Venice, and I still can’t believe that I’m here! I’ve been so busy since I’ve been here that I’ve hardly had…

places in Amsterdam

Finding My Way

I’ve been here in London for about one full month now. I can feel myself (slowly but surely) getting a bit more used to the fast-paced lifestyle and fitting in…