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This section is your all-access pass to information on experiential learning and internship events at Jamestown Community College. We’ll also feature an internship of the week, and JCC student interns will take you behind the scenes of their internships and provide advice for future interns.

Students, alumni, and employers who are interested in participating can contact Felix Muzza ( for more information.

Logo for Chautauqua County Humane Society

Internship of the Week: Social Media and Events Intern, Chautauqua County Humane Society

Another internship centered on social media. Still don’t believe that it’s the future of marketing? This internship is with the Chautauqua County Humane Society, thus combining two things that were…

marketing team meeting

Internship of the Week: Fundraising and Development Intern, HomeCare & Hospice

We’re a bit behind in our internship of the week postings, so there are multiple internships of the week this week. Also available as an internship for JCC students is…

Two people talking made out of social media symbols

Internship of the Week: Social Media Marketing Intern, Multiple Companies

Like we’ve written about before, social media is everywhere today, and it is quickly emerging as the future of marketing. That’s why two manufacturing companies in the Jamestown area are…

Man manufacturing steel, with sparks everywhere

Internship of the Week: Steel Manufacturing Facility Intern, Dunkirk Specialty Steel

Manufacturing, especially steel manufacturing, has a long and proud history in Western New York. In more ways than one, it’s what this area was built on. That history continues to…

Two people talking made out of social media symbols

Internship of the Week: Social Media Ambassador, JCC

Social media is everywhere. And by now we’ve all heard the stories about how a poor decision on what to post to social media ended up costing a person their…

Woman doing graphic design work at a computer

Internship of the Week: Graphic Design Intern, Hanson Sign Companies

We don’t always realize it, but graphic design is everywhere. That can of soda you picked up at the supermarket? A graphic designer came up with that packaging and design….

Intro to Sustainability: A Student Perspective

Hello all! My name is MacKenzie (but you can call me Kenzie) and this semester I have the opportunity to participate in JCC’s carbon emission internship as the new intern!…

stream running through a forest

Internship of the Week: Energy Use Reduction Intern, JCC

Save the planet while earning college credit. Does it get any better? Jamestown Community College’s Office of Sustainability has a variety of internship positions available for students on both the…

Diver about to jump in

Are You Taking the Plunge in College?

For those of you at Jamestown Community College who have read and followed Student Voices, welcome back! For those freshmen out there who have just been sucked into the swing…

James Snider headshot

Final Act Of My Swan Song

Hello, again. The fall semester is almost here and my time at Jamestown Community College is almost at an end. All I have to say is thank you to all…