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Living My Hoop Dreams

The day has finally come. All my years of hard work sheer determination are about to pay off. This dream of playing college basketball hasn’t been for nothing. I’m one…

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It’s all about YOU: 6 Resources That Could Save Your Behind in College

Did you know that there are countless resources online and on campus that can help you succeed at Jamestown Community College, and in the future? What if I told you that…

A World Famous Production at JCC: Les Miserables

Recently, I attended one of the many rehearsals for the new production of Les Miserables at Jamestown Community College. As the performances will soon be coming in November, I’ve been…

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10 #CollegeHacks To Make Your JCC Life a Breeze

I’m sure many of us know about the #LifeHacks that have been making their statement across various social medias. If you haven’t heard of them, they are unique tips that many websites (including use…

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Are You Taking the Plunge in College?

For those of you at Jamestown Community College who have read and followed Student Voices, welcome back! For those freshmen out there who have just been sucked into the swing…

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Final Act Of My Swan Song

Hello, again. The fall semester is almost here and my time at Jamestown Community College is almost at an end. All I have to say is thank you to all…

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The Choice is Yours

Throughout my time at Jamestown Community College, I have continuously heard about student responsibility. I remember being taught about it back in Student Success Seminar my first year of college,…

Taylor Kickbush on first and last week of school year

A Final Remark~

This blog has been anything but a burden for me throughout my first year here at Jamestown Community College. It’s been an outlet for rants, an uplifting place for optimism, a cultural…

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End of Year Carnival!

The semester is winding down with less than two weeks to graduation, stress is mounting as finals come around the corner, and meal plan dollars are running pretty darn low….

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¡Adios, España!

It feels like just yesterday we were getting ready to go to Spain. Applying for my passport, buying plane tickets, and meeting with JCC faculty to prepare for our departure;…