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international club students and punch at snowball mixoff

Snowball Mixoff

Snowball Mixoff at Jamestown Community College The Grinch Punch, Asian Fire, Full Battle Rattle, Senate Smoothy, Cranberry Christmas, Tummy Troubles, Reindeer Fuel and Snowball Hot Chocolate….no, these are not names…

resident assistant students

What is a Community College?

My community college experience When I get asked the question, “What is a community college?” so many different thoughts pop into my head. My experience has been anything but flawless…

cattaraugus county campus quad during the fall from above

My First Experience in America

The excitement of studying in the U.S. There is nothing as exciting as coming to America. I love that first feeling of entering a plane. The journey from Cameroon to…

open freezer

How to Eat Healthy in College

Eating healthy at Jamestown Community College Moving to college brings all kinds of unfamiliar stresses to the lives of both parents and young adults. Even those students that finish high…

students eat donuts hanging from string

Fall Fest at JCC

Jamestown Community College’s Fall Fest What first comes to your mind at the word Halloween? Is it a trick-or-treating, ghosts, Halloween costume parties, carving pumpkins, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, divination…

Ouran stands in busy New York CIty square

My experience as an international student at JCC

My name is Ouran Yingkeyoufu, an international student from China. My major is mathematics, and I’m very interested in it. JCC is an amazing campus along with motivating programs and…

Dr. DeMarte sits at desk

Interview with President DeMarte

JCC went on Facebook LIVE to interview our new president Dr. Daniel DeMarte about his first few weeks at JCC. Thanks for chatting with us, President DeMarte!


Take class with Professor Zwyghuizen if you want learning to be fun

I double major in Math and Computer Science. I want to share my experience in a math class that I am taking this semester at JCC. I am taking Calculus…

natasha and jennifer posing for photo

The Best Place to Hang Out on Campus

As a young adult, I find myself most times, fighting inner battles of figuring out what do I want from life, what can I do, or can I overcome this…

Mary in Spain

Introversion Doesn’t Translate

Confession time: I’m constantly using Google Translate to look up Spanish words. Like— I kid you not— constantly. When I’m talking with my host family and I get stuck on a…