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Kate stands with student senate; Kate stands with friends in Moscow

My Journey at JCC Continues

Starting at JCC in 2018 in an exchange program My journey at Jamestown Community College started in 2018 when I became a part of an exchange program that gave me…

Sydney at a castle in Spain

Returning Home from Spain

Saying goodbye and traveling back home In the past I had traveled, returned home and then said I felt homesick for the place I had been. Little did I know,…

Sydney and her host mom and one of her sisters and her friend at a local museum

Studying Abroad in Spain

The start of my journey to travel abroad through JCC Have you ever thought of going to a different country to learn about a new culture? I dreamed of the…

Suleyman stands with other students on a school trip to Niagara Falls

Future Plans

Future Plans December – Christmas, new year, winter, snow, and a lot of studying. In the last two months, I have seen the amount of snow that I never did…

valladolid architecture

Toda aventura empieza con un sí: Valladolid

Coming from a small corner within western New York, curiosity to explore beyond my home has always been on my mind. My interest in different cultures, languages, and people has…

beach next to ocean

A Home Away from Home: Tropical Biology

You can read articles, textbooks, and research. You can watch video clips or television programs, or see pictures posted in literature or through media. However, nothing can prepare you for…


Take class with Professor Zwyghuizen if you want learning to be fun

I double major in Math and Computer Science. I want to share my experience in a math class that I am taking this semester at JCC. I am taking Calculus…

monkey in tree

Tropical Biology: Zoology

Animals of Costa Rica With over 800 species of bird, 35,000 species of insect, and 200 species of mammal in an area comparable to the state of West Virginia, Costa…

man walks with umbrella in tropical cloud forest

Tropical Biology: Montane Cloud Forests

What is a tropical montane cloud forest? Montane cloud forests are a relatively rare type of rainforest, occurring on high mountains in the tropics, generally between 2,000 and 3,500 meters….

student stands in rain forest

Tropical Biology: Ethnobotany

What is Ethnobotany? Ethnobotany is the study of plants and how native cultures use plants or trees for nutritional/medicinal needs, shelter, and other useful methods of living. There are thousands of…