Bonjour, le monde beau!

Panoramic view of Annecy, France - Myrabella

Lake Annecy and the town of Annecy, France

Hi everybody, my name’s Victoria Carvelli and I’m here in Annecy, France studying…French. I really like irony.

I am originally from Jamestown, NY, and this is my first excursion out of the country. Since I was about ten years old I have really liked France. I chalk this up to a fictionalized diary of Marie Antoinette and an excess of phlegm that helped me pronounce French words. About that time I got my paws on an old French textbook and starting learning some vocabulary and despite all the mucus, mispronounced almost every word.

My first formal French class was during my senior year of high school. In the intervening years, I took a Latin course, became mildly proficient in Spanish, and discovered that language was my thing. I also stumbled across a beautifully written biography of Edith Piaf, an iconic French singer known for her expressive voice and parade of lovers. The book, perfectly translated from Parisian slum argot, seized my soul and reinforced my latent desire for all things French.

So I graduated, took another French course my first semester at JCC (with the inestimable Madame Heppler) and doggedly set a course to voyage across the Atlantic. After several paperwork snafus (mostly connected with the acquiring of a student visa; I recommend to everyone who goes abroad to make knowledge of the visa process one of your earliest priorities) I made it here. And it’s nothing like I thought it would be.

Ohh, irony.

But it is truly beautiful and as soon as I learn how to use my camera without smashing it out of frustration (tech-savvy, huh?) I will be uploading pictures.

For now, à bientôt! Oh, and enchantée.

Photo Credit: Myrabella / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0. Photo has been edited in the following ways: The photo has been cropped to fit within the header.

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Victoria Carvelli

Bonjour! I'm Victoria Carvelli and I am a sophomore at Jamestown Community College, and I love France. Especially French food. I'm a Jamestown native and I went to Jamestown High School (surprise!) and I'm currently in Annecy, France doing language study to strengthen my grasp on French. I was absolutely delighted to discover JCC's options for international study and I'm thankful to have such a gem of an educational institution in my backyard.