An Honest Man in Jamestown

I have and will always pride myself in being an honest man. So I’m going to try my best and be honest throughout my time with you guys and it starts here, with this very first blog post.

Upon hearing Jamestown was located in New York, I completely disregarded every aspect of the small city and envisioned myself amongst the waves of people trotting the streets of New York City, the Big Apple. I dreamed of myself beside the huge skyscrapers and busy lifestyle of the capital city that resembled my hometown London so dearly.

Greeted by winter wonderland!

Greeted by a winter wonderland on campus!

Unfortunately, being the unorganized, naive and ill researched man that I happen to be, those dreams were quickly dismissed. I was greeted by a much smaller and less hectic city, which was, at the time, being barraged by an onslaught of snow. The most eventful sight of my first hour or two in Jamestown was stopping at the local Wal-Mart to pick up some essentials and purchase light refreshments. The area was more or less deserted, scarcely populated and went against everything I imagined New York to be like.

The tiresome drive to campus continued for what felt like 40 days and 40 nights. I had barely recovered from a 14-hour flight the night before, and at that moment my eyelids were flirting with deep sleep. However, in my luck I was accompanied by the lovely Jennifer Apthorpe, whose overseas experiences and tales of working in the international office kept me on the winning side of that battle. Long stretches of road were covered with blindingly-white snow and clear ice that prolonged the journey even more than expected, and the fact that you guys drive on the wrong side of the road agitated me beyond belief.

I would be more than hesitant to even attempt driving under those weather conditions. On our way to campus we witnessed a driver almost run himself off the road due to the slippery surface beneath us, and now that I’m recalling that particular moment, thanking Jennifer for a safe and smooth journey should not have been something that slipped my mind. So with that being said, thank you Jennifer Apthorpe for the safe drive. If it wasn’t for you, we both could have ended up stuck between a rock and a hard place, and this honest man’s story would’ve ended before he even got to Jamestown.

Upon my arrival on campus, my initial thought was that the place looked a whole lot like a winter Disneyland commercial, the type that you’d see on television all year round as a child then beg your parents to take you to later on. And after you’ve cried and begged your heart out they’d still happily decline. No? Just me? I thought as such.

A view of campus.

A view of campus.

Coming from a city that saw a downpour of rain from gloomy gray skies almost all year round made the snow covered buildings all the more foreign to look at. As I stepped out of the passenger side of the truck, my feet sunk into the several inches of snow underneath me and all of a sudden my thoughts rushed back to two days prior to my arrival. Jennifer warned me over a phone call to bring a pair of snow boots, and unknowing of the drastic weather conditions I wittingly laughed it off, doubting that it could ever be as serious as she made it out to be.

Unfortunately it was that same wit and cheek mixed with heavy snowflakes that haunted me in the form of slapping my frozen face in every direction as I hauled my suitcase toward the dorm rooms. But despite all of the above, I cannot tell a lie, the campus is an amazingly beautiful sight to behold. According to Jennifer it is also a place full of amazing people that boasts a wide roster of international students like me around every corner, and I couldn’t wait to get myself involved in everything it had to offer.

But before I dived into the wonderful world of Jamestown, the first and only thing I wanted to do is let my parents know I arrived safely and jump into my bed. So unfortunately we’re going to have to leave it at that until further notice. In a nutshell, that was an accurate depiction of my first few hours on campus, from the unfamiliar eyes of a London born and raised honest man, who somehow happened to find his way to Jamestown Community College.

About the author

Obehi Ejele

My name is a weird one, isn’t it? If you haven’t noticed already, it’s Obehi Ejele, and if you haven’t struggled to pronounce it already, it’s simply said as ‘Oh-Bee’. I was born and raised in the east of London in the United Kingdom by my two wonderfully supportive Nigerian parents, so in hindsight I’m a strictly British kid mixed with a Nigerian upbringing. I was raised in a household full of boys, with my mum being the only woman in the house. Growing up, along with my older brother and younger cousin, I took a keen interest in basketball and somewhere alongside that I also picked up art as a hobby. So in reality that’s more or less exactly why I’m here, to play basketball under Coach Sisson and major in Media Arts. However, upon arriving at Jamestown Community College solely for these two reasons, I realized that this place is so much more than just that in a positive light which I’ll expand on more thoroughly in further blog posts. So simply put, I’m an athlete from London who enjoys art and everything else a man of my age would love, such as music, food, family and friends to say the least. My mother is a pastor, I’m a Christian and I love God, my family is huge, and I adore London more than any other place I could think of. But whilst writing this, quite frankly, American customs and culture have always been a bit strange to me, but I’m willing to learn and understand throughout my journey here. I plan to blog about pretty much anything and everything I see here, so if you want to experience the wonders and heights of Jamestown Community College and Jamestown itself vicariously through the unfamiliar eyes of Londoner, look no further, I’m your guy.